Sitemap - 2019 - Always Be Watching

2020 TV Predictions. ALSO: Farewell Friends.

The most-viewed on Netflix in 2019. PLUS: New take on The Good Fight. And: The best films of 2019.

High Fidelity trailer. PLUS: More Mandalorian! And: Obama lists his best!

Always Be Watching 2019 Holiday viewing guide

He Man returns in the most authentic way possible. PLUS: Kumail Nanjiani's new show.

The best TV of 2019

Anti LGBTQI sentiment from Hallmark. ALSO: An hour of Netflix's 'dun dun'.

ABW TV Guide: All the new & returning TV to watch this weekend (13 - 15 Dec 2019)

6 Underground explodes on your screen! PLUS: The Griswalds are back!

John Hamm joins Curb. ALSO: The madness of ranking every movie of the past decade.

Kavalier & Clay now a TV series. ALSO: The Baby Yoda emoji petition.

Who is really under The Mandalorian's mask? ALSO: RIP Silicon Valley & Mrs Fletcher

Who is really under The Mandalorian's mask? ALSO: RIP Silicon Valley & Mrs Fletcher.

RIP Carol Spinney. PLUS: How many people actually watched The Irishman?

ABW TV Guide: All the new & returning TV to watch this weekend (6 - 8 Dec 2019)

Boyega says no to Disney+ | Packed To The Rafters is back | Reviews are in for The L Word: Generation Q

How much to stay in a Star Wars hotel? | PLUS: Secret Roger Rabbit. | AND: Another new streaming service.

The surprising new Star Wars show. PLUS: RIP DC Fontana.

Making Bluey. PLUS: more Curb, Doctor Who, Shetland, and Campbell Parkes.

Baby Yoda is bigger than Biden. ALSO: Happy 30th anniversary, Griswalds!

ABW TV Guide: All the new & returning TV to watch this weekend (29 Nov-1 Dec 2019)

ET is back... on TV. ALSO: Cheap Hulu. AND: Duel of The Fates returns.

RIP Clive James, MST3K, and Channel 7's weekend afternoons

The Fugitive returns. Again. ALSO: RIP Strange Angel

Is The Crown a bigger show than The Mandalorian? ALSO: Did Watchmen just give us the best episode of TV in 2019?

Channing Tatum is producing something weird.

Million Dollar Duck [Disney+Dan Podcast]

ABW Podcast: The Mandalorian

ABW TV Guide: All the new & returning TV to watch this weekend (22-24 Nov 2019)

Harrison Ford signs for TV. PLUS: Al Pacino hunts Nazis. AND: DOOL lives.

Original Baby Yoda designs. PLUS: Servant reviews. AND: RIP Kids WB.

Netflix announce Chinatown. PLUS: Disney+ hackers. AND MSNBC mystery.

Every Disney+ Title in Australia (At Launch)

The Simpsons restored. PLUS: Anna Kendrick's Disney film. AND: The end of Fuller House.

ABW TV Guide: All the new & returning TV to watch this weekend (15-17 Nov 2019)

Beverly Hills Cop 4 greenlit! ALSO: More Brooklyn Nine Nine and Bounty Law!

How did that Disney+ launch go? Also: how did the Mad About You relaunch go?

Disney+ launches! The Mandalorian reviewed! And Ricky Gervais returns to host.

The critics are wrong. Apple TV+ (and its shows) is good.

Will Community get its movie? ALSO: The Mandalorian is nigh. PLUS: More tastes of The Soup.

Sesame Street turns 50. PLUS: a Weeds revival. AND: RIP BH90210

ABW TV Guide: All the new & returning TV to watch this weekend (8-10 Nov 2019)

The hidden shows of Facebook Watch.

James Dean is back for some reason. Also, what do you do in an HBO box?

Mr Robot goes silent. Dolly Parton sings. And The Two Popes pope.

Is Martin Scorsese making TV with The Irishman? Will Warners save its library with glass? And is Watchmen too darn confusing?

Popes! Perry (Mason)! Pearson!

ABW TV Guide: All the new & returning TV to watch this weekend (1-3 Oct 2019)

The Witcher trailer! Jack Ryan drops early! And Inside Hollywood Studio Chiefs brains!

Everything you need to know about HBO Max. ALSO: Why the Game of Thrones guys left Star Wars.

ABW Podcast: Dolemite Is My Name | Jack Ryan season 2 | War of The Worlds BBC | Maximum Overdrive

HBO Max revealed. ALSO: HBO passes on Game of Thrones prequel.

Superman & Lois return to TV. ALSO: Reviews are in for Apple TV+ shows. AND: Too Many Cooks?

Netflix manipulate space/time. ALSO: Visit Stars Hollow this Christmas.

ABW TV Guide: All the new & returning TV to watch this weekend (25-27 Oct 2019)

ABW Podcast: Watchmen. And the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker trailer.

More Jack Ryan! More Hocus Pocus! Just a lot of more!

No Netflix sale. PLUS: Holey Moley Australia. AND: More Adventure Time

Lori Loughlin faces 50 years. ALSO: Star Wars trailer questions. AND: Marvel changes.

Watchmen: The Day After. ALSO: The Crown trailer. AND: Amazing Race Australia contestants revealed

Mandalorian dates. PLUS: Marvel furore intensifies! AND: More Rosehaven!

ABW TV Guide: All the new & returning TV to watch this weekend (18-20 Oct 2019)

The Clueless reboot. ALSO: Mad About You car crash. AND: Ghibli is streaming.

Netflix gets a Bone. PLUS: fails to grow much

Grease: The TV show. ALSO: Succession talk. AND: Apple TV+ greenlight season 2's.

Disney+ bares all! PLUS: Saved By The Bell creator dies. ALSO: Don Draper.

The death of a TV legend, The sale of a TV icon, and 2x more Paul Rudd than usual.

ABW TV Guide: All the new & returning TV to watch this weekend (11-13 Oct 2019)

Drew Barrymore's new show. ALSO: Sesame Street deals with opioids

ABW Podcast: Unbelievable | Evil | Between Two Ferns: The Movie

The value of Seinfeld, Friends, & The Office. ALSO: Paul Rudd

Ensemble Wednesday: Friends! Search Party! And the show with every star you care about!

The Trump TV mini-series. ALSO: BBC v Netflix. AND: RIP Rip.

Joker rules. Batwoman smells. HBO laid a 1-season egg.

ABW TV Guide: All the new & returning TV to watch this weekend (4-6 Oct 2019)

Big Brother Aus is back! ALSO: New Sesame St deal. AND: Bonsoir Elliot!

ABW Podcast: The Chef Show, Wu-Tang: An American Saga, and Stumptown

RIP Dear White People. PLUS: The $150 mil Netflix film. AND: Recovery is back. Sorta.

A Bunhead embraces a Girlfriend Experience. ALSO: Inside Disney+.

More Stranger Things. ALSO: Netflix lost its hand.

RIP Bojack Horseman. ALSO: BBC unveils War of The Worlds. AND: Fox News woes.

ABW TV Guide: The Biggest week of the TV year

Putting a woman on the moon! ALSO: Miss Fisher returns.

Fleabag's hot priest is now a talented Mr Ripley. ALSO: Thirtysomething is back in 2019 for some reason.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge signs big with Amazon ($20 mil)! PLUS: Humphrey B Bear is coming back!

Walker: Texas Ranger reboot + Emmys By The Numbers

Some Emmy's thoughts. PLUS: The death of a Ferengi. ALSO: Spider-Ham.

The 25th anniversary of Friends, ER, and Chicago Hope

What to watch this weekend: 20 - 22 September 2019

Is 'Criminal' Netflix's boldest TV drama yet?

25th anniversary of ER.

NBC's new streaming Peacock. ALSO: Lord of The Rings comes to NZ again. AND: The Fugitive returns.

Netflix buys Seinfeld! ALSO: 2 Paul Rudd's. AND: A Cheers quasi-reunion

HBO Max for Australia! The future of Foxtel! And Creative Emmy Wins!

What you'll be watching this weekend: 13-15 Sept 2019

Surprise Disney+ launch! ALSO: More South Park. AND: Let's party like it's 1999.

New podcast from The Office cast. ALSO: The morning after Apple TV+.

Apple TV+ - Everything you need to know about the new streaming service

Controversial new ABC show renamed. PLUS: Hailee Steinfeld picks up a bow & arrow for Marvel.

Gillian Anderson joins The Crown. ALSO: Aussies okay with c**t.

What you'll be watching this weekend: 6-8 Sept 2019

The first ever Neighbours spin-off! Also, QT's Once Upon a Time TV plans.

RIP Grace & Frankie. ALSO: A Handmaids Tale spin-off?

Between Two Ferns: The Movie. The Brady Bunch v BH 90210. And more...

TV's greatest house is reborn! RIP Dicks! And RIP Saturday Night Rove

What you'll be watching this weekend: 30 Aug - 1 Sept 2019

RIP The OA. For good! ALSO: The new Lost. AND: Too. Many. Popes.

Tubi TV streams down-under! ALSO: Sasha Baron Cohens new show! AND: The man who censored Britain

Hello friend - Mr Robot is back! Along with Mario, Dick Grayson, and cinemas!

TV set to replace event movies. ALSO: Acropolis Now. AND: Dickinson!

The Breaking Bad movie. PLUS: NVIXM. ALSO: Simpsons spin-offs.

Disney+ announcements

What you'll be watching this weekend: 23-25 August 2019

First look at a new Paul Rudd TV show. ALSO: Why Jennifer Aniston almost left Friends after 1/2 a season!

Spider-Man outrage! And an answer to how many is too many?

Free TV shows at YouTube! ALSO: Apple TV+ pricing? AND: Spider-Man no more!

Disney+ Confirmed for Australia. ALSO: Maisel s3 date. AND: Practical Magic

Elvis is back! Marcel the monkey is back! But... some shows won't be back!

What you'll be watching this weekend: 16-18 August 2019

Help me Obi-Wan! Also: Leah Remini takes on Danny Masterson. Also: More of a beloved Netflix rom-com!

The man with a TV on his head who left TV gifts for neighbours. Also: Other, less weird TV news stories.

All the details on the HUGE ViacomCBS deal. Also: The Banana Splits screamfest! Plus: No more Inbetweeners.

The Crown s3! HBO! The Morning Show! It's a big day for trailers!

Was The OA really cancelled? ALSO: Could Disney have a partner down under?

What you'll be watching this weekend: 9-11 August 2019

$200 million payday for Game of Thrones creators. ALSO: 90210 ratings. AND: The truth about Ted Danson's sitcom.

The new Monica Lewinsky TV show. PLUS: No. More. Reboots. *cough*

BH 90210 opening titles revealed. PLUS: More Atlanta! ALSO: Garfield sold!

Accusations at 'The Rookie'. PLUS: RIP The OA

Stranger Things 3 tidbit. PLUS: The 100 Cancelled.

What you'll be watching this weekend: 2-4 August 2019

RIP 13 Reasons Why. ALSO: More US Love Island. PLUS: Shin Ultraman

First look at Netflix's $125m The Irishman. PLUS: Ready yourself for BH90210! ALSO: Quibi goes sideways!

Nick Frost + Olivia WIlliams + Joss Whedon = HBO. PLUS: The Netflix front page bias. ALSO: Netflix ignores critics.

Wahlburgers was too beautiful for this world. PLUS: CNN's actually interesting news show. ALSO: It's time to support The Dinkster!

More Handmaid's Tale. ALSO: Leigh Sales assaulted with yoghurt. AND: The death of an animated icon.

What you'll be watching this weekend: 26-28 July 2019

RIP Will & Grace. PLUS: Tuca & Bertie fallout. AND: Pointless Australia host speaks out!

HBO speaks out on Big Little Lies! ALSO: RIP Designated Survivor! AND: Foxtel sign a deal with the devil.

Masterchef chefs no more! Netflix on Foxtel? And more!

Helen Mirren! Tom Hanks! Tina Majorino! ABW has all the stars!

A HUGE weekend for TV (and its future): Veronica Mars, Marvel, and The Orville

Netflix is at risk being the next Blockbuster Video.

What you'll be watching this weekend: 19-21 July 2019

Sitcom king Ted Danson has a new show... with Tina Fey! ALSO: Fargo Season 4. AND: Netflix loses subscribers!

Podcast: My Next Guest Needs No Introduction | The Loudest Voice | The Simpsons season 30 | Parasite

AP Bio defies expectations - lives again! ALSO: Deep Space Snoopy! AND: Chimps love TV

Emmy Awards nominations! ALSO: Tarantino programs TV! And more Neverending Story

The most popular shows on Netflix are... PLUS: Veronica Mars 4.0 reviewed! And a Supergirl gets some pants.

Big Little Lies controversy! PLUS: The expense of the new Star Wars show. And Aziz says sorry.

Elizabeth Banks is making new Flintstones cartoons! ALSO: Actual Stranger Things 3 ratings! And the death of a furry TV star

Why is there so much TV nowadays? ALSO: Netflix commission its biggest movie ever.

HBO Max is the big new streaming service! ALSO: Records broken for Stranger Things 3

Casting 'The Stand'! ALSO: RIP Eddie Jones!

Disney star Cameron Boyce dies, aged 20! Also: How Disney won Hollywood! And the French chant "F**k Trump"!

What you'll be watching this weekend: 5-7 July 2019

RIP Ransom - whatever that was! Also: New Joss Whedon! And a surprise Weird Al reference!

LoTR TV show news! Revisiting mid 00s cannibal fears! PLUS: Seinfeld at 30!

Enter the Sandman! RIP Walking Dead! And the shocking abuses within the Anime industry

Popular Tom wins Popular Gold Logie! PLUS: Stranger Things is back! And Tommy Wiseau

What you'll be watching this weekend: 28-30 June 2019

Charlies Angels: The Movie! (Again)! ALSO: ODAaT saved! Experience the world of Seinfeld!

Podcast: Too Old To Die Young | Apple and Onion | Jett | Mystify: Michael Hutchence

Netflix lose The Office and engage in queer erasure! ALSO: The US gets The Moodys.

Scream is back! PLUS: Do you like teen shows?

Clooney comes to Netflix! Spider-Man comes to VR! Hellboy comes to Amazon!

The Netflix secret sauce! PLUS: RIP Big Brother house! And Apple TV changes.

What you'll be watching this weekend: 21-23 June 2019

Christians vs Netflix(?). PLUS: The death of cinema. And could ER return?

ABW Podcast: 30 Rock | Euphoria | Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story | American Graffiti | Good Afternoon Adelaide

Netflix has the biggest movie in the world this week. Also: Netflix cancels Uma. And brings to life Frankenstein's Monster's monster.

Netflix viewing numbers in Australia revealed! Also: More Game of Thrones and The Sopranos on the way.

Kirsten Dunst (show) no longer homeless! Also: JJ is the $500 million dollar man

What you'll watch this weekend! 14-16 June 2019

Chernobyl breaks viewing record! Plus the kids show reimagined as a brutal horror.

The OUTRAGEOUS new HBO teen drama! Plus: The real reason(s) the Fuller House creator was fired

ABW Podcast: Years and Years | The Cat In The Hat Knows a Lot About That | Good Omens | What We Do In The Shadows

More Russian Doll, Love, Death,+ Robots. And Chip 'n' Dale.

Dune gets a spin-off TV show! Plus: Quibi launch details! And The Sesame Street concert!

Why short TV rules! Check out the new Bacon! And Pauley tweets!

This is what you are watching this weekend: 7 - 9 June 2019

The future of HBO, TV, and video games!

ABW Podcast: The Detectorists | The Handmaid's Tale s3 | Godzilla 2: King of The Monsters | Young Einstein

4 TV shows murdered! Ali Wong benefits! And Baby Shark is born for TV!

Punky Brewster is back. For some reason! PLUS: The Babadook is very gay.

I'm not even going to tell you what's in the ABW newsletter today.

Buy Tony Sopranos house! RIP Silicon Valley! TV Calendar Debuts!

This is what you are watching this weekend: 31 May - 2 June 2019

The Dark Crystal set to impress! PLUS: The Aussie Amazing Race, and more!

How Hollywood is manipulating you now! PLUS: The piracy site that cannot be stopped!

ABW PODCAST: Chernobyl | Catch 22 | High Maintenance | LEGO Masters

Netflix ready to fight abortion ban! PLUS: Tornado vs The Bachelor! And hotel bed jumpers!

Fire at the Big Brother Australia house! ALSO: Netflix is costing the BBC money! And the return of Blue's Clues.

Another US Peep Show! ALSO: Did Tom Gleeson quit his game show? And more Frasier Crane news.

This is what you are watching this weekend: 25-26 May 2019

Saying goodbye to GoT, TBBT, and Veep. PLUS: Still Laugh-In and The Wu Tang Clan

First look at Picard! Also: All In The Family & The Jeffersons revivals were good!?!?!

Hello to the French B99! ALSO: The best new UK drama in Years and Years!

Stranger Things 3 enjoys New Coke! Also: Will there ever be another Game of Thrones?

The morning after Game of Thrones.

Death of an online icon! Goodbye Game of Thrones! Hello BTTF The Musical!

This is what you are watching this weekend - 17 May-19 May 2019

RIP A Country Practice star Bob Hawke! RIP The Tick! RIP Arrow...?

The worst people on the Internet. Plus: More Black Mirror and Deadwood!

Game of Thrones breaks records! Also: The Party of Five reboot trailer! And RIP Simpsons World

The final Veep! The wild Game of Thrones penultimate episode! RIP Doris Day!

Black Friday saw so many shows cancelled. Also: New NBC TV show trailers! And Constance Wu's wild weekend!

This is what you are watching this weekend - 10 May-12 May 2019

Interactive Kimmy Schmidt! Spielberg drops Bull! And Conan settles!

Dead To Me | LEGO Masters | Long Shot | The Last OG

The first trailer for BH90210! Plus: First look at Watchmen! And Mindhunter returns!

Offensive Game of Thrones coffee cup removals. PLUS: The new Tina Fey/Amy Poehler Netflix film

The sins of Game of Thrones. Plus: Busy cancelled and SeaChange revived.

Game of Thrones episode leak! The Good Fight CENSORED! Plus: $2 billion for Avengers: Endgame

Trailer Park Boys: The Animated Series | Black Summer | Nothing But Trouble | Ultraman

What to watch this weekend: 4-5 May 2019

Sesame Street now exists in New York. PLUS: Better Netflix sound! And Wilco's Jeff Tweedy joins Curb.

TV and Movies are Content now. Thanks Game of Thrones. ALSO: Big Bang Theory tapes its last. And lots of new trailers!!!

Was GoT too dark? The cinematographer says YOU are wrong! Also: The wild 5th Element TV stunt! And 13 Reasons Why controversy.

The TV for the selfie-generation! Also: Game. Of. Thrones.

The Brady Kids were immunized, idiots! Also: RIP Santa Clarita Diet

What to watch this weekend - 27-28 April 2019

Avengers: Endgame | Hanna | Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse | My Husband Won't Fit

Quentin Tarantino's 'new' Netflix mini-series! Plus: The weekend of pop culture death! And Lawyers tell Disney no!

Why Avengers: Endgame matters! Plus: Why Netflix's strategy is off-course! And George Clooney's new show!

Avengers: Endgame post credits. Plus: Reed Hastings big pay (spoiler: it's more than yours). And The Good Fight renewed for s4.

Game of Thrones most eye-opening sex scene! Also: Spike Lee's time-travel Netflix show! And RIP Steve Golin.

What was new this week? GoT Returned, a Lake Bell/Dax Shepard sitcom, and more!

Everyone's going to court: Stranger Things creators, Conan, and the bloke who created Full House

Netflix reveals some numbers! The fake YouTube/TikTok wedding! John Cusack signs for TV!

All your Game of Thrones news! Curb set for 2020! Archer set for 1999!

Donald Glover's surprise movie drop! The Big Little Lies 2 trailer! And the first footage of Star Wars: The Mandalorian screens!

The key to understanding the biggest question about Disney+ is everyone's favourite Disney character: Duffy... wait, who?

What to watch this weekend - zombies, gay romance, and Broooooadwaaaay!

Every detail you need about the Disney+ launch

Jake Gyllenhaal's show for HBO! Mark Harmon is crazy rich! And Transparent will kill off Tambor!

Terrace House | The Defiant Ones | Jeopardy World Tour | Sick Of It

Eleven new DisneyPlus shows - including one starring Jeremy Renner. Also: what's missing from GoT?

Netflix to buy a cinema! Scientologist Elisabeth Moss speaks out! Babylon Berlin is back!

Felicity Huffman: Guilty. Allison Mack: Guilty. Married At First Sight: Guilty.

The Shazam TV show! The presumed dead Mouseketeer! How to watch movies in Japan!

What's new to watch: The Twilight Zone, Warrior, & more!

Trigger Warning with Killer Mike | The Good Fight | Star Trek Discovery | Kraft Punk's Political Party

John Cho's new Netflix role is awesome! Killing Eve reviewed! And You're The Worst finale thoughts.

Visit Game of Thrones! Joker debuts! And the JAG reunion we always wanted!

Who killed The Fonz? And other TV stories

Spies! Superheroes! Streaming (re: Netflix)! And more!

RIP Broad City! RIP Berlin Station! And a Twilight Zone thought...

What to watch this weekend - 30 March 2019

Entering The Twilight Zone! Plus: The Stranger Things video game! And Supernanny returns!

The new Sex & The City TV show! Where is The Twilight Zone? Abby's reviewed!

Now Apocalypse | Idiotsitter | Ill Behaviour | Chef's Table

Jason Donovan's daughter joins Neighbours! Get ready to Fish or Die!

Apple TV is HERE!!! Eh. And more TV news

Speculation before the Apple TV launch! Game of Thrones sneakers! The best show no one is watching! And more!

What to watch - 23 March 2019

Emilia Clarke reveals she had a brain aneurysm. Did Letterman stay 10 years too long? And more!

After Life | Love, Death and Robots | Review with Myles Barlow | Triple Frontier

The sitcom filmed outdoors! Is Netflix targeting LGBTQI viewers with different episodes? And more!

Has Google just changed video games forever? Netflix says no to Apple. And eating Elmo.

Bear Grylls is the new Bandersnatch! Why can't competitors pick up Netflix cancellations? And Game of Thrones run-times!

The NSFW Sex, Death, and Robots and RIP Community's Leonard!

Never cross the streams - 10-16 March 2019 2019

Hallmark dump Aunt Becky! The Romancing The Stone reunion we've been waiting for! And understanding Apple deals!

Captain Marvel | Counterpart | Hollow Man | Fleabag

Why The Simpsons had to dump Jackson ep! Was Picard the best Captain? And Turn Up Charlie spins out! Oh, and more!

Felicity Huffman + Lori Loughlin charged over bribery claims! Batman fights the Ninja Turtles! And more Bandersnatch-like TV coming soon!

Taika Waititi is remaking Time Bandits. For TV! Plus: Internal pressure at NRATV. And more!

Aidy Bryant's struggle! Crashing cancelled! And more!

What to watch on TV this weekend! Also: The Simpsons pulls Jackson episode

Scandal at WarnerMedia! Leaving Neverland fallout! Alex Trebek cancer! And more!

Secret City | Russian Doll | Leaving Neverland | Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Mad About You will return! The 2nd last Blockbuster store to close! Richard Gere refuses more TV work!

New Game of Thrones trailer! Plus: A Nashville musical? Michael Sheen is a killer! And more!

Luke Perry dead at 52. Plus: Inside the final Game of Thrones season, Apple execs interfering with its shows, and more!

Spielberg vs Netflix! Plus: More Sandlot TV details, B99's niceness, and more!

What to watch this weekend! PLUS The Sandlot TV show! Huge changes at HBO! And RIP Katherine Helmond

Luke Perry has a stroke! Brooklyn Nine Nine renewed! And Idris Elba's new show!

This Time with Alan Partridge | Paddleton | The Heights | Baptiste

90210 returns (sort-of)! The OA Pt Deux! And The Notebook gets it wrong!

A Star Wars anniversary! Nerd babies blocked by Rotten Tomatoes over Capt Marvel! And Netflix bundles!

Gremlins are back! Inside the Academy Awards campaigns! And the death of a Munster.

Netflix's "Hollywood" announced, Malik Yoba is BACK(!), and Supergirl says "Oh, hai Mark"

There's some fantastic new shows for you to watch this weekend

First look at The Twilight Zone! Plus The Wandering Earth on Netflix! And RIP Peter Tork!

Jim Henson's The Storyteller returns! Hemsworth to play Hulk Hogan! Whoopi!

It's a Fyre... sale! Bloodlet for Game of Thrones! Luke Cage has a new gig! And more!

RIP Blu-ray! RIP Jessica Jones/The Punisher! And more!

How to make news better! The comedy greats mocking Fallon! And more!

What to watch this weekend! Also: Some TV news.

The return of Hello Kitty! Killing Eve news! Jack Ryan season 3! And more!

Breaking Bad movie details! Conan's coming to Australia! And goodbye Catastrophe!

Today: Dinosaur Jr! David Spade! Kelsey Grammer! What f--king year is this?

Marvel's new streaming shows! Boomerang remake is good? And return of The Handmaid's Tale!

Teen sex on screen! Amanda Knox! And Project Blue Book renewed - what even is that show?

What to watch this weekend! There's good stuff, I promise

Woody Allen sues Amazon! I'm talking about Shaft! Muppets rumours!

The Case Against Adnan Syed! The Simpsons renewed! Netflix numbers questioned!

Death! Nudity! And finding love on Netflix! Today's ABW has it all!

The Goop TV series! RIP Rockwiz! Y: The Last Man first look!

The Netflix revamp! Jerry Seinfeld sued! Groundhog Day sequel!

Your weekend viewing choices sorted! PLUS: Punxsutawney Phil! And some TV news

The L Word is back! Jerry Media controversy! A Muppet rap battle! And much more!

Lorena Bobbit! Jay Sherman! Zack Snyder! It's an all-star newsletter!

The next wave of streaming: HBO, Disney+, and Apple. PLUS: Chucky!

Maisel payrises! The Michael Jackson "public lynching"! AND... The Dude abides!

How The Office saved a woman's life. PLUS: Steve Martin

Ken Marino kills on Colbert! PLUS: What to watch on TV this weekend

Is the end of The Simpsons nigh? PLUS: a new SVOD + Kung-fu movies!

Bad funeral etiquette. PLUS: Conan returns + Pluto TV sale

Netflix’s new gamechanger!

The Fiji Water Girl! PLUS: Sick bed viewing!

New Unsolved Mysteries! PLUS: Your TV viewing for the weekend sorted!

Short Treks found! RIP Trial & Error! PLUS: Steven Soderbergh x 3

Fyre Fight: Which doco is more ethical? PLUS: Steve Carell joins Space Force + Julia Roberts says no!

The Netflix price rise! Sophia Coppola comes to Apple! And those pesky Pinkertons!

The death of a TV legend! The hidden $200 billion TV watching industry!

The 40 shows to watch in 2019! Scaramucci for Big Brother! And more!

Netflix sued by Choose Your Own Adventure! ALSO: Your weekend viewing guide!

New streaming service unveiled! What even is True Detective?

Lindsay Lohan debuts on TV - with lots of butts! RIP 'I Love You America'!

The lost Star Wars TV series! Amazon redefines advertising! And the Care Bears return!

A TV that rolls-up! HBO rule the Golden Globes without a win!

Daredevil fans won't quit! Golden Globes predictions! The most bonkers show on US TV!

Goodbye Broad City! A video game SHOCK! And Netflix tells off its Bird Box fans!

The most pirated shows of 2018! The most watched Netflix shows per US state! RIP Bob Einstein!