Sitemap - 2020 - Always Be Watching

Brace yourself for 2021 - Streaming is gonna be wild

RIP Dawn Wells - Gilligan's Island's Mary Ann

Netflix bosses won't get a 2021 raise

Warner Media unveils DC plan (kinda).

Wonder Woman 1984 launches. And does alright.

What you're watching: Christmas TV [2020]

A Sex & The City revival?

Taika Waititi's new show - Reservation Dogs

Wonder Woman 1984 and Mando update!

A Little House on The Prairie returns

Always Be Streaming - 18 December 2020

Heroes star speaks out about racism on set

They're rebooting Night Court. Yeah, really!

The most-watched Netflix show in 2020 was...

What does Stephen King think about the many terrible Stephen King shows & movies?

Matt Smith gets a dragon on Game of Thrones

Always Be Streaming - 11 December 2020

Disney announces its future. And a new streamer.

iCarly is back. Minus a familiar face.

Nicholas Cage comes to Netflix and says some swears

Clarice - TV's Silence of The Lambs - gets a date

The sexy new Colonel Sanders TV Movie

Pluto TV: Explainer

Heartbreak High reboot for Netflix

Always Be Streaming - 4 December 2020

Every 2021 Warner Bros movie dumped to HBO Max

The Morning Show adds a TV star: Julianna Margulies

Could Charlie Brooker be bringing a Wipe to Netflix?

The day after The Undoing

The OG Darth Vader dies

Always Be Streaming - 27 November 2020

Joss Whedon jumps/pushed from HBO's The Nevers

One Day at a Time cancelled. Again.

Raise a glass to Steven Toast. He's back!

The Mandalorian comes to life in your kitchen

Britbox launches in Australia

Always Be Streaming - 20 November 2020

Wonder Woman goes to streaming

Surprise casting in The Stand

Conan O'Brien and the death of cable TV.

RIP Frasier

Yeardley Smith to appear on The Simpsons.

Always Be Streaming - 13 November 2020

Schwarzenegger finds a home at Netflix.

Dolly Parton is bringing us Christmas cheer. Twice.

HBO cancels The Outsider.

RIP Ken Spears - co-creator of Scooby-Doo

Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek dies at age of 80

Always Be Streaming - 6 November 2020

Palm Springs gets international release. Finally.

Kids TV takes on 2020

Paint with Bob Ross

Netflix may start to get good again

The late great Sean Connery

A weekend of scares and votes

Always Be Streaming - 30 October 2020

Tiny Toons are back! (Did that *really* need an exclamation mark?)

Jon Stewart has a new TV show

Oscar Isaac is Moon Knight. Whoever that is...

Bond avoids a streaming dump

Always Be Streaming - 23 October 2020

The Addams Family set to return to TV.

RIP Quibi. You were too beautiful for this world.

Willow, Power Rangers, and Happy Days are all back!

Brand new Peanuts specials from today

Does going to the movies actually suck?

Always Be Streaming - 16 October 2020

Curb Your Enthusiasm turns 20

They're bringing back Dexter for a new series.

Coming 2 America goes straight to streaming

HBO does Elon Musk

Animaniacs has a coming out event

Always Be Streaming - 9 October 2020

Whoa. Mank & West Wing Reunion trailers. Yes please.

Mank gets a date.

Game of Thrones prequel gets Paddy.

Dune delayed. The Batman next?

James Bond delayed - cinemas wounded

Always Be Streaming - 2 October 2020

Bluey returns! Borat returns! Mando returns!

Netflix bringing Conan to streaming

Borat Sequel streams in October. Very nice!

South Park turns out for the Denver Broncos

Disney+ finally delivers Nick Fury

Always Be Streaming - 25 September

Holy crap! More 'The Knick'!

David Letterman is back. With guests.

Cancelled: Supergirl

Cancelled - The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

2020 Emmy Awards Preview

Always Be Streaming - 18 September

Stumptown cancelled by COVID

PS5 pricing announced

The Mandalorian s2 trailer

RIP Younger?

Netflix pays $30 million for new Zendaya film

Always Be Streaming - 11 September

RIP Diana Rigg - The Best Avenger

It's Dune day. Sucks it might get delayed.

Baby Yoda is coming back real soon!

A.I. finds the perfect James Bond. And it's a woman.

Tenet hits $150 million.

Always Be Streaming - 4 September 2020

Jeopardy GOAT ready to take over?

Star Trek to introduce non-binary & transgender characters

Game of Thrones duo to adapt Three Body Problem

Details on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reunion special

Seven nabs The Voice. Which, I guess, is good news?

Always Be Streaming - 28 August 2020

TV tells the story of 2 America's. One fake. The other too real.

Netflix murders Altered Carbon

The West Wing returns (for one night only)

Powerpuff Girls reborn live-action

Stan's ambitious local production plan

Review: Tenet

Always Be Streaming - 21 August 2020

Fred Armison, John C Reilly, and Tim Heidecker's fancy new space show

Disney reveal more Mulan details

The Mandalorian s3 very possible

An unexpected Planes, Trains... remake!

The Crown has cast its People's Princess

Always Be Streaming - 14 August 2020

Lumpy, son of Chewbacca, returns

Sarah Cooper signs with Netflix for more hilarity

Hundreds of staff: Fired.

The Saved By The Bell remake looks... good?

Disney's new international streamer?

Always Be Streaming - 7 August 2020

Rebranded CBS All Access coming to Australia, Latin America, & The Nordics.

The Who's The Boss sequel series! No - you're not dreaming! It's happening!

Mulan goes straight to Disney+... at a price

The fall of Ellen DeGeneres?

The Good Fight Sued. Hilarity follows.

Always Be Streaming - 31 July 2020

First look at the Trump: the TV show.

Kate Winslet's most ambitious role yet: She's a horse.

Cinema nears its death rattle. PLUS: Emmy Noms.

Coronavirus: The Series

RIP Regis Philbin and Olivia de Havilland

Always Be Streaming - 24 July 2020

Star Wars & Avatar delayed. Hold off the apocalypse, please.

COVID took down the Queen (until 2022).

"Hey Google... open Netflix"

Tenet delayed. US cinema ruined.

PODCAST: Laurel Canyon with director Allison Ellwood | The Old Guard | Jaws

Is Terrace House responsible for the death of one of its stars?

New streaming service Peacock spreads its wings

Always Be Streaming - 17 July 2020

A big promotion at Netflix

Fletch.... lives! Jon Hamm to star in new film.

Peacock ready to launch. NBC stations not happy.

The new Star Wars TV show

PODCAST: Hamilton | Star Trek 2: Wrath of Khan | Not Too Late Show with Elmo

A new Batman TV show

Always Be Streaming - 10 July 2020

TV has a new Batwoman

The Wonder Years is set for a remake!

Return of The Sack Lunch Bunch (and John Mulaney)

Why did Michaela Coel say no to Netflix?

Always Be Watching Podcast: Floor is Lava and the rise of the great dumb game show

Seth Rogen gets pickled

Always Be Streaming - 3 July 2020

A Groundhog Day TV show? Yeah, maybe.

What is the lava on The Floor is Lava made from?

Remembering the great Carl Reiner

Netflix's new Colin Kaepernick drama

The Golden Girls episode banned from Hulu

Always Be Streaming - 26 June 2020

South Park censored on HBO Max

A new Breaking Bad series

Quibi's biggest sin

Tina Fey pulls 30 Rock blackface episodes

The best Batman is back. No, not Adam West

No Hamiton freebies on Disney+

Always Be Streaming - 19 June 2020

The Smurfs are coming back!

Danny Masterson charged with rape

30 Rock is coming back in the worst/best way

Jeremy Piven charges only $15k to talk to him

Go deep on steamy Netflix drama 365 Days

Always Be Streaming - 12 June 2020

Gone With The Wind likely to return next week

Cops is cancelled. Gone With The Wind yanked.

Little Britain dumped by BBC/Netflix

LA's Finest pulled from air

TV cop shows are, uh, having a moment

Always Be Streaming - 5 June 2020

Binge: The shows you really need to watch

Big Bird fights racism

Who is the new Batwoman?

TV cop shows pay up to Black Lives Matter

TV's Jughead arrested - actor Cole Sprouse ziptied.

A brutal weekend as Hollywood watches on

Always Be Streaming - May 29, 2020

Why Studio Ghibli embraced streaming

Brand new Fraggle Rock. Thanks, Apple TV+.

Jimmy Fallon apologises for blackface

Binge has launched in Australia - should you subscribe?

Why do people love Netflix so much?

Always Be Streaming - May 22, 2020

The Simpsons returns as it was meant to be seen: In 4:3.

Why Ruby Rose REALLY left Batwoman

Ruby Rose is out... as Batwoman.

New head of streaming at Disney+

Is Apple about to disrupt cinemas?

Always Be Streaming - 15 May 2020

The Good Fight renewed for season 5

The countdown to HBO Max

Head of The Class is being rebooted! I know you've been waiting for this day.

RIP the great Jerry Stiller

Community might be getting #6SeasonsAndAMovie

Always Be Streaming: 08 May 2020

CBS All Access to rebrand and go international

What to know about the Foxtel / HBO deal

Will Smith's Bright getting a Netflix sequel. No... really!

Nicholas Cage stars as Joe Exotic in new series.

Parks & Recreation reunion raises $3 million for charity.

Always Be Streaming - 1 May-3 May 2020

Review: 'Upload'

It's time to buy your Disney-branded face masks

Borgen is back! Wipeout is back! The Logies... not so much.

Trolls World Tour is a hit! Kinda.

Hellraiser is coming for your TV screen!

Parks & Rec is back!

The ABW TV Guide - Weekend of 25 April 2020

Can Netflix get any bigger? The answer may be no.

A new Star Wars show from Russian Doll creator Leslye Headland

HBO Max sets a date.

Netflix signs on for classic movies

How Seinfeld inspired the sexy Netflix show Too Hot To Handle

ABW TV guide - 17 April 2019

The Shining, Justice League Dark, and more TV from JJ Abrams

Censorship on Disney+: Exposed like Daryl Hannah's bottom

First look at the new Perry Mason HBO show

Disney plans radical changes!

RIP The Goodies' Tim Brooke-Taylor

SNL returns this weekend. Somehow.

ABW - Easter weekend TV Guide 09 April 2020

Details on the new Doogie Howser MD

Want more Tiger King? Joe Exotic has a new show.

Want more Tiger King? Joe Exotic has a new show.

Hands on with Quibi - 2020's newest streaming service demanding your attention. And money.

How is Larry David coping with self-isolation?

Always Be Watching TV Guide 03-05 April 2020

Imagine The Office… but with no office!

The Platform | Marc Maron: End Times Fun

John Stamos has a new couch.

Eliot Stabler is coming back to Law & Order: SVU

RIP V-Wars. RIP October Faction.

The branded Living Room Concert for America

New Amsterdam's flu epidemic shelved

Mysteries: Why did Steve Carell leave The Office? Why is there an Angry Birds series?

Learn Korean with BTS. Oh, and the Olympics got cancelled.

Blame laid at Lachlan Murdoch for Fox News Corona coverage

You can stop The Walking Dead it seems

Always Be Watching TV Guide 20-22 March 2020

Kate from Lost is apparently a bit of a dick

Late Night hosts broadcast from their homes. Kinda.

Happy 35th anniversary, Neighbours!

Did cinemas die today?

COVID-19 shuts down Hollywood.

Tom Hanks gets the coronavirus. The world weeps.

Heartbreak High is coming back to TV

Stranger Things is on the move

Arnold Schwarzenegger fights robots

A Beauty & The Beast prequel? Try and stay awake.

Always Be Watching TV Guide 06-08 March 2020

Taika Waititi is making Netflix's Charlie & The Chocolate Factory

Coronavirus kills April's James Bond

Pornhub now make fancy documentaries.

Judge Judy kills off her show! Long live Judy Justice!

Universal has signed up for more Dick!

Always Be Watching TV Guide 28 Feb - 01 March 2020

The Netflix lawsuit continues w/ Choose Your Own Adventure

We have a new Clarice Starling! And she's an Aussie!

Hank Azaria to quit voicing Apu

Netflix unveils its daily Top 10.

The Friends cast reunite!

Always Be Watching TV Guide 21 - 23 Feb 2020

More Westworld! More Reese Witherspoon! More Whitney!

The new major book about Netflix.

Thanks Rick & Morty. It's a non-pickle pickle donut.

Reviews: Hunters, High Fidelity.

Discovering the lost Phillip Seymour Hoffman show.

Always Be Watching TV Guide 14 - 16 Feb 2020

The Goonies are sort-of coming to TV.

The Mighty Ducks are back... with a new familiar face!

The incredibly true story of how YouTube started!

Turner & Hooch: The series is coming!

Turner & Hooch: The series is coming!

Holey Moley Australia details!

Always Be Watching TV Guide 7 - 9 Feb 2020

The return of mid-budget films. But not in cinemas.

RIP Ray Donovan.

Netflix cancelled Spinning Out

Disney paid $75 million for the Hamilton movie.

Punxsutawney Phil (and Bill Murray) is back.

ABW TV Guide 31 Jan - 2 Feb 2020

See the never-made Star Wars TV show. ALSO: Pee-wee Herman wants to come back and do some drugs.

Fantasy Island is back! Da Plane! ALSO: Netflix fires staff.

Weirdo Super Bowl ads. PLUS: Pokémon costs. AND: Uma... Oprah!

Will Netflix or Apple buy MGM? ALSO: There's a new Doctor Who. Again. But...for the first time.

Bogus Apple TV+ numbers. ALSO: Jennifer Aniston scares Friends fans

ABW TV Guide: All the new & returning TV to watch this weekend (24-26 Jan 2020)

Picard launches! ALSO: Jim Lehrer dead at 85. AND: James Corden fakes it in Carpool Karaoke

How long would it take to watch EVERYTHING on Netflix?

The familiar new Pokemon film. ALSO: Altered Carbon returns. AND: Hello to Horse Girl.

Netflix lands Ghibli. PLUS: A 'new' David Lynch film

Disney stops Baby Yoda sales. ALSO: Amazing Stories is coming really soon.

Understanding NBC's Peacock. ALSO: Watch Little America. AND: RIP Apu's voice. AND AND: RIP: Fox.

ABW TV Guide: All the new & returning TV to watch this weekend (17-19 Jan 2020)

Has Netflix's Mindhunter been brutally murdered? ALSO: Other TV tidbits...

A new Superman TV show! ALSO: Netflix avoids taxes! AND: Too many Stargirls!

RIP Stan Kirsch! ALSO: Penny Dreadful: City of Angels trailer! AND: A new Aussie home for the Oscars!

Netflix scores big with Oscars noms! ALSO: The health benefits of watching.

The Silence of The Lambs TV spin-off! PLUS: Chucky is back... but on TV!

ABW TV Guide: All the new & returning TV to watch this weekend (10-12 Jan 2020)

RIP Buck Henry. PLUS: Party of Five is back!

Quibi unveiled. ALSO: Supermarket Sweep returns.

Lord of The Rings changes. PLUS: New VR goggles. AND: the hot new Avatar car.

Goop: The TV show. PLUS: A TV for Gen Z. AND: Golden Globes... The Day After

RIP Tom Long! RIP Netflix shows! And a Maisel complaint!

ABW TV Guide: All the new & returning TV to watch this weekend (3 - 5 Jan 2020)

Is Disney+ shedding film titles? ALSO: Plepler lands at Apple.

Marvel show Wandavision now in 2020. ALSO: Reviews are in for Netflix's Messiah.