Sitemap - 2021 - Always Be Watching

PODCAST: Don't Look Up | The Book of Boba Fett | 83 | Around The World in 80 Days | Licorice Pizza

The top 10 movies of 2021

Peter Dinklage on why you’re wrong about the Game of Thrones finale

Always Be Streaming - Holiday 2021 edition

PODCAST: Yellowstone: 1883 | Matrix Resurrections | Station Eleven | The Worst Person in The World

The definitive list of the 10 Best TV shows of 2021

Yellowstone prequel launches huge. PLUS: The ABW xmas gift guide.

Lorne Michaels set to retire after SNL 50th?

A wild weekend of Spider-Man, Chris Noth, Jeff Garlin, and a COVID-impacted SNL.

Always Be Streaming - 17 Dec 2021

PODCAST: Spider-Man No Way Home | West Side Story | Being The Ricardos | Firebite

Firebite - An under-the-radar, great Aussie vampire thriller

A new Batman TV series... without Batman.

Ryan Reynolds cashes in on Mr Big death.

And Just Like That... Peloton's stock price tanked

Always Be Streaming - 10 December 2021

PODCAST: The French Dispatch | And Just Like That | Dear Evan Hansen | Resident Evil: Welcome To Racoon City | Voir

Netflix launches a news site. It should be better.

Google's most-searched TV & film

Pluto TV landing down under: What to expect

Google TV adds free streaming channels

Is Jeff Garlin about to get cancelled?

Always Be Streaming - 3 Dec 2021

PODCAST: Dune | Summit of The Gods | Encanto | Harlem | The Power of The Dog

It's time to reach the Summit of The Gods

The great Disney+ buy-back

RIP the cinema? The struggle of effort vs reward

Disney fails to censor The Beatles

The first top 10 list of 2021

Always Be Streaming - 26 November 2021

$33 billion. That is how much Disney plans to spend on content in 2022.

ViacomCBS backflip on Star Trek Discovery

Spotify partners with Netflix for audio hub

Blade Runner TV series in the works

It's not just peak TV when everything is the same.

Always Be Streaming - 19 Nov 2021

Watch Batman fight Arya Stark. Or Tom & Jerry.

Netflix launch a new website

Everyone is invited back to Hogwarts. (Except JK Rowling)

First look at Halo series. Here's why you should care.

Did Disney Plus Day fizzle?

Always Be Streaming - 12 November 2021

A Fatal Attraction series is great news for rabbit actors

Who doesn't love Lucy?

AMC+ & Prime Video Channels launch down under

Get ready to celebrate your new fave holiday: Disney+ Day

Big Bird got the vaccine

Always Be Streaming - November 5, 2021

Always Be Streaming - Nov 5, 2021 [Subscriber edition]

The Simpsons: To Be Continued...

David Chase didn't like the Sopranos movie. And he wants to make another one.

Netflix adds video games from today

Is Netflix losing its grip on streaming viewers?

RIP Bert Newton - the weird uncle of Australian television

Always Be Screaming - 29 October 2021

Facebook jumps the gun and gets meta

Get set for South Park: Post COVID. And 13 more "movies".

Dune and Succession return for more... But also... Happy Valley!

The biggest problem with Netflix

Hayden Christensen joins Ahsoka. Fans rejoice.

Always be Streaming - 22 October 2021

Talks underway for Sopranos prequel/sequel series

Ruby Rose vs Warner Bros

Netflix announces even more growth AND more honesty about viewership

RIP Y: The Last Man

Hollywood avoids shutdown

PODCAST: Screen Watching 043

Always Be Streaming - 15 Oct 2021

Ted Talks - destroys relationship with Hollywood

Foxtel launches a new streamer. AND: Shatner goes to space.

Ridley Scott sh*ts on idea of Alien TV show

A real-life SQUID GAME played today in Abu Dhabi

Netflix bringing back That 70s Show... in the 90s!

Sydney cinemas reopen - Viewer guide

PODCAST: Screen Watching 042

Always Be Streaming - 8 Oct 2021

It was Agatha all along

LA Law is coming back to TV

First video of Game of Thrones prequel: House of The Dragon

Billions finale SHOCK

Seinfeld gets the snip

PODCAST: Screen Watching 041

Always Be Streaming - 1 Oct 2021

Lucy Lawless didn't want your Star Wars fan campaign

The Book of Boba Fett gets a release date

Law & Order: Back from the dead

Babylon 5 being rebooted by original series creator. Cool...

Everything announced at Netflix fan festival Tudum

PODCAST: Screen Watching 040

PODCAST: Screen Watching 040

Always Be Streaming - 26 Sept 2021

RIP Derry Girls: Season 3 to be the end

RIP Sex & The City star Willie Garson

Netflix in talks to buy Roald Dahl. (The IP, not the corpse).

The 2021 Emmys. AKA How to entertain almost no one.

Emmy Awards: What to expect

PODCAST: Screen Watching 039

Always Be Streaming - 18 September 2021

Piers Morgan's new show is going global

How Manifest was saved - it wasn't the fans

RIP Norm Macdonald

Toxic reality show Cops is being revived... by Fox News

The Queen's Gambit leads the Emmy winners.

PODCAST: Screen Watching 038

Always Be Streaming - 10 Sept 2021

Mouse Rat rules the charts

Nicole Kidman - the face of cinemas?

The Wednesday morning grab bag

'The Wire' star Michael K Williams dead at 54

Dawson's Creek theme song restored. Step back onto ledge.

Always Be Streaming - 3 September 2021

Locast murdered by local TV stations

Planning to see Top Gun: Maverick this year? Its not happening.

BREAKING: HBO Max's global roll-out conquers Europe. Allied forces in retreat.

Today there will be Murders (only in the building)

RIP Ed Asner - The star of Up, Lou Grant, and The Mary Tyler Moore was 91

Always Be Streaming - 27 August 2021

Remember Honey Boo Boo?

Netflix stages fan event. And you're invited!

Buffy star arrested

43 new Netflix movies by the end of 2021

Mike Richards out at Jeopardy! What next?

Always Be Streaming - 20 August 2021

RIP OnlyFans - not dead yet. (But, c'mon...)

How much money did Kate Winslet make for Mare of Easttown?

First look (again) at Diana & Charles in The Crown

Get set to return to the Field of Dreams


Always Be Streaming - 13 August 2021

Another kid left HOME ALONE. After 30+ years, why won't parents learn?

RUSSELL T Davies slams Loki and its bisexual scene

Everything streaming on Paramount+ Australia

Want to star in a Netflix reality show?

Suicide Squad tanks at cinema as viewers watch at home

Always Be Streaming - 6 August 2021

$900 million buys a f#@k-tonne of South Park

HBO Max passes on The Shining TV show - Netflix ready to check in to the Overlook Hotel

Netflix is taking us into actual space

First look: Amazon's Lord of The Rings series

Happy 40th birthday, MTV

Always Be Streaming - 30 July 2021

Scarlett Johansson sues Disney

Bob Odenkirk collapses on set. The world (and Hollywood) holds it's breath.

Disney's plans to take over the world with streaming

TVs new era of sincerity

The Olympics are a success and/or failure

Always Be Streaming - 23 July 2021

Is HBO Max - streaming king!

Board game Mouse Trap. Now a TV game show. Finally.

Netflix fails to meet expectations. Still does fine.

Netflix's Byron Baes has a competitor

Black Widow underperforms - is TV to blame?

How to watch the Olympics in Australia

Always Be Streaming - 16 July 2021

Who wants to play video games on Netflix?

And then there's Maude

Here's what's interesting about Emmy nominations

Disney rakes it in with Black Widow

Frasier takes life in a different direction

Always Be Streaming - 9 July 2021

Finally. A Ben & Jerry's TV series.

Could Warner Bros/Discovery buy NBC? And other rich people questions.

Just how many people are streaming movies?

RIP legendary director Richard Donner

HBO kills Lovecraft Country. A mercy kill?

Always Be Streaming - 2 July 2021

Details emerge on new Alien TV series

PODCAST: Interview with Perfumes Writer/Director Grégory Magne

New Game of Thrones does it differently

Woman who wants to live like The Flintstones faces backlash

Freaks & Geeks was saved by MTV. But Judd Apatow said no.

Has Netflix lost its cool?

PODCAST: Screen Watching episode 025

Always Be Streaming - 25 June 2021

Rock out at The Sims virtual music festival

Jerry Seinfeld is making a Pop Tarts movie for Netflix

Does NCIS have a new Mark Harmon?

The two faces of Steven Spielberg

Evil reborn - edited with more swears and sexy stuff

Always Be Streaming - 19 June 2021

Peter Jackson's Beatles doco heads to Disney+

The biggest news story in TV in 2022. Click to read.

Colbert returns to The Late Show - a turning point in American culture

There's no Balki in Perfect Strangers reboot for HBO Max

NBC's Slip 'N Slide show shut down for poo-related reasons

PODCAST: Screen Watching episode 023

Always Be Streaming - 11 June 2021

Thunder buddies, it's Ted: The Series

Breaking down the TV/film barrier

Mike Myers has a Netflix series.

RIP Douglas S Cramer - he gave the world TV's best-known entertainment. And we ignored him.

How I Met Your Mother co-creator wants to edit the show. Let's start w/ seasons 5-8.

Always Be Streaming - 03 June 2021

Netflix cancels Jupiter's Legacy. Whatever that was.

Holby City - dead on the BBC's operating table

Is it possible to have a classic movie in the age of streaming?

The morning after Mare of Easttown

Paddington no longer on top. But not on bottom.

Always Be Streaming - 28 May 2021

The Mike Tyson series finds it's Mike

Amazon roars with $8.5b MGM purchase

Sliding doors - what if Disney had bought TimeWarner?

The Big Screen is back - except...

Disney cancels eagerly-awaited Star Wars Rangers series

Always Be Streaming - 21 May 2021

Law & Order: SVU saved an 11 year-old girl from an abductor

Batman swings back onto TV

RIP Charles Grodin

More on the future of Discovery / WarnerMedia

Selling WarnerMedia off for a Discovery merger? Apparently.

Always Be Streaming - 14 May 2021

A big day of news from the house of mouse

Ellen sets an end for her talk show

Is The Golden Globes dead?

Golden Globes 2022 - CANCELLED!

Fake, animated thirst traps. AND: "Pamela Anderson".

PODCAST: Screen Watching episode 016

Always Be Streaming - 07 May 2021

Paramount+ comes down under

Could this be the new future of movies?

Netflix's Army of The Dead is coming to cinemas

What are the best sitcoms of all time?

This will change TV & movies forever!

Big Bang Theory star to lead Night Court reboot

PODCAST: Screen Watching episode 015

Always Be Streaming - 30 April 2021

The secret Sopranos sequel film starring James Gandolfini

Netflix are telling you to start shuffling

Yabba dabba doooooooo!!!!

Oscars bloodbath. And Game of Thrones prequel enters production.

Baldwin & Grammer sitcom dumped. Perry Mason showrunners dumped. Oscars - a dump?

PODCAST: Screen Watching episode 014

Always Be Streaming - 20 April 2021

HBO adds subscriber numbers - PLUS details on the Parasite TV series

Goodbye Substack - the hows and whys of it all

Coming soon: How I Met Your Father, Master of None s3, and The Floor is Lava s2

Secret Invasion scores the Queen of Dragons

Olivia Colman joins the MCU, Dan tries to talk about sports, and Shang Chi trailer drops

Amazon's $11b spending spree

PODCAST: Screen Watching episode 013

Always Be Streaming - 17 April 2021

Disney+ adds UK shows

Questions raised about Luther's racial authenticity

Clooney and Margulies set for ER reunion

Ethan Hawke takes to the stage in your living room

Byron Bae influencers revealed

PODCAST: Screen Watching episode 012

Always Be Streaming - 9 April 2021

The future of movies with Jason Kilar

Jon Stewart is coming back to TV

Ray Fisher speaks out about Justice League trauma

Are we running out of TV to watch?

PODCAST: Screen Watching episode 011

Always Be Streaming - 02 April 2021

Netflix secures Knives Out at $450 million

The Dark Crystal makes ballet exciting

Game of Thrones - the Broadway musical

Buy a taste of Schitt's Creek

More on the Kim's Convenience cancellation.

PODCAST: Screen Watching episode 010

Always Be Streaming - 26 March 2021

Goodbye Jessica Walter

Goodbye Jessica Walter

Harry & Meghan's new TV movie

Black Widow pushed for a Disney+ AND cinema simultaneous release.

Germans love David Hasselhoff

Falcon & The Winter Soldier

PODCAST: Screen Watching episode 009

Always Be Streaming - 19 March 2021

McConaughey is back for more A Time To Kill (kinda)

Remakes: King of The Hill, Justified(-ish), She's All That, and Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers

Natasha Lyonne - TV detective

Netflix dominates Oscar nominations

Outlander back for more!

PODCAST: Screen Watching episode 008

Always Be Streaming - 12 March 2021

RIP Netflix password sharing?

More on Piers and Oprah and Harry and Meghan

Zack Snyder's Justice League leaks

PODCAST: Screen Watching - Episode 007

The Queen's Gambit: The Musical

Mandy Patinkin joins The Good Fight

Always Be Streaming - 5 March 2021

PODCAST: Screen Watching episode 007

Get ready to Party Down, kids

Asterix is coming to Netflix.

New TV from the GLOW team

Modern Family star finds a backyard chamber

More on the behind the scenes of Buffy

PODCAST: Screen Watching episode 006

Always Be Streaming - 26 Feb 2021

RIP The Twilight Zone

Paramount+ has a coming out event

First thoughts on new streamer Star

PODCAST: Superman - hero of screens big and small

Julia Roberts & Sen Penn film Watergate drama down under

Inside the Golden Globes grift

PODCAST: Screen Watching episode 004

Always Be Streaming - 19 February 2021

RIP NCIS New Orleans

The future of NCIS

Disney announce new shows for streaming

RIP Truth Seekers

Donald Glover and Phoebe Waller Bridge make sweet sweet series together

PODCAST: Screen Watching episode 003

Always Be Streaming - 12 February 2021

RIP Brooklyn Nine Nine

Steven Toast is the Toast of Tinseltown

A new Wizard of Oz proves you can go home again

Dan Harmon has a new cartoon show

Mary Hartman Mary Hartman is coming back

Netflix and SAG Awards sitting in a tree...

PODCAST: Screen Watching episode 002

Podcast: Screen Watching 002

Golden Globe nominations announced. Usual caveats apply.

RIP Hal Holbrook.

Frasier is coming back for a new series. With Niles?

Armie Hammer hungers to leave another series

PODCAST: Screen Watching episode 001

Always Be Streaming - 29 January 2021

Yes - there's another Game of Thrones series coming

Every movie + TV show on Disney+'s new streaming service Star

Disney hides Peter Pan from the kids

Jason Biggs finished with the pie. Fox viewers are next.

Harry Potter - a TV series? Get outta here!

RIP TV icon Larry King

Always Be Streaming - 22 January 2021

Another Game of Thrones prequel?

Andrea Zuckerman issues Trump death blow

Get ready to watch ALL THE MUPPETS

RIP Peaky Blinders

Dawn of a new Batwoman

Always Be Streaming - 15 January 2021

More film delays. Including The Sopranos movie.

RIP Freaks & Geeks star Jessica Campbell

Netflix announce a new movie for every week

More Sex & The City on its way. Kinda.

Marvel kick-off TV takeover with WandaVision

Always Be Streaming - 8 January 2021

Inside the Death in Paradise island bubble

Transfixed by US Cable TV

RIP Tanya Roberts

Always Be Streaming - 5 January 2021

Here's what Star will be streaming.

Larry King sick with COVID-19