Sitemap - 2022 - Always Be Watching

The definitive list of the best films of 2022

The definitive list of the top 10 TV shows of 2022

Always Be Streaming - 23 December 2022

Happy Festivus to all those who celebrate

How did 1923 land Harrison Ford? And the show cost HOW MUCH?

Advertisers are set to ruin your favourite shows of yesteryear

Buy the kids a Cameo with the stars of Cocomelon

Always Be Streaming - 16 Dec 2022

Warner Bros Discovery gets set to go FAST in 2023

Avatar forgiveness

HBO Max dumps Westworld and more

HBO reverses renewal for already-filmed Minx

Mean Girls, Busy Phillips, and more of the most topical news a Monday can offer

Always Be Streaming - 9 December 2022

Tracy Flick returns. Now on Paramount+

Broadcast TV eyes its shut-off date

RIP Kirstie Alley - TV icon

RIP Sesame Street icon Bob McGrath

A wave of brutal cancellations

Always be Streaming - 2 December 2022

Australia misses out on Pluto TV

Ben Affleck slams Netflix and its “assembly line”

Scarlet Johansson to lead familiar (to her) TV series

The big Richard Lewis, Frank Miller, and Dr James Wright news of the day

The dawn of the Doctor Who extended universe

Always Be Streaming - 26 Nov 2022

Thanksgiving TV Snacks

Amazon ready to save cinemas

The day after one Bob vanquished the other Bob

Bob Iger puts down the Aperol Spritz and gets back to work

RIP Jason David Frank - you might know who he is

Always Be Streaming - November 18, 2022

Neighbours lives again - a HUGE question remains

Larry David among FTX brand ambassadors facing lawsuit

It’s time to re-watch Splash - there’s no ifs or butt’s about it

Jay Leno seriously burned in accident

Netflix - it’s going live with Rock. Sports next?

Always Be Streaming - 12 November 2022

Good Night and Good Luck: The series

Press play on the Indiana Jones TV show

Netflix now apparently wants sports

Star Wars The Acolyte starts filming. Spurs questions.

RIP Westworld - killed for the most obvious of reasons

Always Be Streaming - 4 Nov 2022

Netflix with ads. It’s here. But… what is it like?

RIP any show you ever watched from The CW

Musk opens the door to greater Snyder Bros power

End of days for US cable...?

Behold - there's a new The Witcher

Always Be Streaming - 28 October 2022

Girls5Eva flies the coop from Peacock for Netflix

In brightest day, in blackest night, Green Lantern’s getting overhauled

Doctor Who lands on Disney+

Monster ratings for House of The Dragon

HBO’s House of The Dragon leaks online

Always Be Streaming - 21 October 2022

Remember there was that Perry Mason TV show...

Matthew Perry had a 2% chance of survival

Comedy Central’s current really bad idea

Transfer your Netflix profile and escape your doomed relationships

Murdoch set to merge his two biggest assets once more

Always Be Streaming - 14 Oct 2022

Netflix with ads: it's a cheap, bargain basement product

RIP The Hardy Boys (the show… not actual boys)

RIP Angela Lansbury - one of TV’s greats

We have reached peak remake: Fear series in the works

RIP Nikki Finke

Always Be Streaming - 7 October 2022

The Real Love Boat - sinking ship

Drew Barrymore’s show is nutso weird

Frasier spin-off officially happening.

Who even wants to go digital when you can just decline?

Six seasons of Community and now that darn movie

Uh, what is on AMC+ in Australia

You haven't seen the last Bruce Willis film. Or TV show. Or ad.

American actors get C*A*U*G*H*T in Aussie streamer series

Netflix cans Grendel mid-production

The 100 greatest shows of all time?

The familiar voice of Darth Vader

Always Be Streaming - 23 September 2022

New gig for Fox boss suggests broadcast TV might be a bit dead

Sorry Andor, what the hell is BBY

Lifelong DOOL fans feel burned by NBC decision

Is it time to free Emancipation?

Yes, you should have seen Ted Lasso season 3 by now

A Blade Runner TV show is happening

Emmys viewership breaks records. Not good news.

The Harlem Globetrotters return to TV

The problem with the Emmy Awards. And the easy solution.

Weekend television murders

Always Be Streaming - Sept 09, 2022

The death of a Queen. As seen on TV.

Has House of The Dragon given up on sex?

The $4.5 billion Aussie football deal

Have hackers infiltrated TikTok?

The non-televised Emmys

Always Be Streaming - 3 Sept 2022

There’s always money in the banana stand

RIP Snapchat’s Discover shows

DJ Conner fired from The Conners

Netflix’s Beverly Hills Cop

Stop everything! There’s a Boy Meets World podcast! (I’m going somewhere with this. Hold tight)

Always Be Streaming - 27 August 2022

RIP 90210 beloved star Joe E Tata

The ultimate Law & Order crossover

HBO max says no to Batman: The Caped Crusader

Get ready to start watching your podcasts

Cobrai Kai creators w/ the Ferris Beuller spin-off nobody ever asked for

Always Be Streaming - August 21, 2022

CNN cuts its most controversial host

Want Netflix with ads? No downloads for you.

When to watch Lord of The Rings: The Rings of Power

HBO fires 70-ish staff

Dr Phil fires 25 staffers

Always Be Streaming - 12 August 2022

It’s TV’s newest, WORST show.

Steve Martin ending his career on screen

Where’s the beef?

HBO orders Armando Iannucci’s superhero movie parody

Peter Jackson says the Lord of The Rings show ghosted him

Always be Streaming - 6 August 2022

IT’S COMING: New HBO Max/Discovery app

What is Warner Bros Discovery doing now?

Warner Bros kills $90m Batgirl movie. It was already filmed.

The Flash runs his last race

RIP Nichelle Nichols. May you forever live long and propser.

Always be Streaming - 29 July

Vale Neighbours - 37 years of Australia’s most iconic soap

Happy 100th birthday Norman Lear

Tony Dow lives. Don’t let the news tell you otherwise.

Full Frontal w/ Samantha Bee has been canned

Disney super-sizing Daredevil series

Always Be Streaming - 22 July 2022

Paging Sam Beckett

Kurt Russell to lead Godzilla and The Titans TV show

Good news: Netflix only lost just under 1 million subscribers…! (Wait, what?)

Why was Yellowstone snubbed by the Emmys?

Are cinemas expensive and elitist?

Always Be Streaming - 15 July 2022

Is Baby Yoda a shameless rip-off of Gizmo?

Netflix advertising...powered by Microsoft

Emmys 2022: Nominees and commentary

How you’ll watch the end of Neighbours

Farewell Tony “Paulie Wallnuts” Sirico. A true icon of prestige TV.

Always Be Streaming - 8 July 2022

TV’s least-watched, BEST show - cancelled

Stranger Things: The Stage Show

Joe Rogan says no to Trump

Warner Bros Discovery cancels Europe

The Top 5 TV of 2022 (the first 6 months)

Always Be Streaming - 01 July 2022

Ahead of Stranger Things return, Netflix warns: Protect Steve

Death In Paradise spin-off among massive BritBox expansion

Baz Luhrmann’s Australia: The TV Show

Succession is back! Currently filming season 4.

Entertainment companies support staff needing an abortion

Always Be Streaming - 24 June 2022

Netflix’s tips for building your own sex room

Game of Thrones: House of The Dragon poster art

Is Kevin Costner filming a movie? A TV show? TV movies?

Paramount+ plans 150(!!!) new shows

The Game of Thrones Jon Snow show. What you need to know.

Always Be Streaming - 17 June 2022

Tom Hanks tells fans to back the f**k off

Revealed: The crimes of ex-Disney TV chief Peter Rice

Netflix green-light real-life Squid Game

The death of Lt Bookman

Squid Game renewed for season 2!!! (This hadn’t happened yet?)

Always Be Streaming - 10 June 2022

Review: Ms Marvel [Disney+]

Review: Irma Vep [HBO]

Nobody’s favourite show of 2021 has been saved

Who you gonna call? Netflix’s Ghostbusters!

Review: For All Mankind (s3) [Apple TV+]

Netflix probably wants you paying less

Jon Hamm, Juno Temple to lead Fargo s5

What was bigger than Stranger things & Obi-Wan on streaming?

Always Be Streaming - 3 June 2022

Eat like a Golden Girl

Amber Heard ordered to pay $15 million to Johnny Depp

Kaley Cuoco says no to more Flight Attendant. Probably.

Stranger Things unearths Kate Bush classic

The Good Fight lays down its gloves

Always Be Streaming - 27 May 2022

Jodie Foster is your new True Detective

Here comes Speed Racer

Who stole Seth Green’s TV star / NFT Ape?

Nobody is interested in reviving your show

Stranger Things will cost you the whole weekend

Always Be Streaming - 20 May 2022

RIP Riverdale. Hello Godzilla.

We’re only visitors in Yellowstone’s world

The secret new Star Wars show a secret no longer.

Open your mind to more Black Mirror

Married With Children returning in the most perfect way possible

Review: The Time Traveler’s Wife

Always Be Streaming - 13 May 2022

A TV Bloodbath

Disney loses $1b on content. Otherwise, outlook sunny.

Expect Netflix ads by the end of the year

Jack Ryan terminated at Amazon Prime Video

We have a new Doctor Who

Always Be Streaming - 7 May 2022

Review: Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

Review: Bosch: Legacy

Review: The Pentaverate

Review: The Offer

HBO drops House of The Dragon trailer

RIP Saved By the Bell

Always Be Watching in the Multiverse of Madness

The Masked Singer goes international

The TV cancellation bloodbath of the weekend

Review: Gaslit

Review: Shining Girls

Always Be Streaming - 29 April 2022

James Corden is leaving his show

Review: We Own This City

Carol exits Walking Dead spin-off. Maybe.

Viola Davis says critics serve no purpose

Is the future of movies… at the cinema?

Review: The First Lady

The biggest problem facing Netflix going forward

Always Be Streaming - 22 April 2022

RIP CNN+. Murdered because it should never have existed.

Netflix shares crater. Streamer loses tens of billions in value. Really.

Netflix takes a (MAJOR) tumble

WATCH Danny Elfman rock out w/ The Simpsons

Is Apple TV+ the best streaming service?

Amazon gets real sticky

RIP the great Gilbert Gottfried

Netflix: Two thumbs up!

Bryan Cranston & Aaron Paul to join Better Call Saul

Review: Slow Horses

Always Be Streaming - 8 April 2022

Review: How We Roll

You too can now be slapped by Will Smith

A clone of Orphan Black is coming to TV!

Robert Downey Jr brings Sherlock to TV

Harrison Ford to star in TV show from Ted Lasso creators

RIP Estelle Harris

Review: Moon Knight

Review: Julia

Review: Killing It

Always Be Streaming - 1 April 2022

Is CNN+ the Quibi of 2022?

Winter is coming (back) in August with Game of Thrones prequel

It floats at HBO Max

Was it something Chris Rock said?

Details on the James Bond TV show… that nobody asked for

Always Be Streaming - 25 March 2022

Kids have stopped watching linear TV. Duh.

Review: Pachinko

Review: Life & Beth

Review: Halo

The Real Love Boat? Exciting and New…?

Heeeeeere’s Johnny. Well, er Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Christina Ricci joins Wednesday

Could Hugh Grant be the next Doctor Who?

Always Be Streaming - 18 March 2022

Amazon closes the deal. Buys roaring lion.

Review: WeCrashed

Review: Minx

Netflix's latest bid to stop YOU from password sharing

Lots of chatter about Star Wars TV

Are you watching Netflix's most popular shows?

Telstra set to buy 51% of Fetch TV

Always Be Streaming - 11 March 2022

Andre Braugher rolls up his sleeves for The Good Fight

First-look at Obi-Wan Kenobi

TeeVee Snacks - Special Edition

Netflix gets out of Russia. But why?

YASS - the most niche of streaming services

Always Be Streaming - 4 March 2022

It's official! Neighbours is dead!

Netflix dumps Russia. PLUS: A Wild Wheel of Fortune. AND: RIP a sitcom star

The great Russian media freeze of 2022

Review: The Batman

The Batman, Russian pressure on Netflix, and a new home for The Shop

Sticking the boot into Russia Today

Always Be Streaming - 25 February 2022

Review: Troppo

How long is too long?

The Academy Awards is broken

Celebrate 20 years of The Shield

When will The Chair return to Netflix? Here's an answer.

What do you wish more people were watching?

Always Be Streaming - 18 Feb 2022

Review: Severance

CANCELLED! Your favourite show is ending.

Live the Disney life 24/7

NCIS goes Down Under with NCIS: Sydney

The Oscars will have its Spider-Man

Marvel set to expire on Netflix. Hello Disney+

Always be Streaming - 11 Feb 2022

No sex. PG violence. Lord of The Rings is a family show.

Wake up to a new Early Edition

Did Oscar noms see a streaming impact?

HBO Max hit with lawsuit

RIP Neighbours? (Not just yet)

Review: Pam & Tommy

Always Be Streaming - Feb 4, 2022

Everything old continues to be new again

CNN boss out over dating scandal

An Offer you can't refuse

BBC vs Netflix

RIP comedies Black Monday and Work in Progress

Review: Trigger Point

Always Be Streaming - 28 Jan 2022

Review: The Afterparty

Get Back to the rooftop with The Beatles this weekend

Mike Schur is disgusted you won't wear a mask

Neil Young vs Joe Rogan

Review: The Gilded Age

The future of (streaming?) TV news

Mary Elizabeth Winstead joins Star Wars: Ahsoka

Netflix misses subscriber targets following price rise

Naming Lord of The Rings

Paris Hilton! The White Lotus s2! Moon Knight!

Joss Whedon speaks!

Quantum Leap is back! Justified is back! Santa Clause is back!

Always Be Streaming - 15 Jan 2022

Degrassi is returning to TV, eh!

Netflix signs up for Red Notice sequels. Red Noticer? Redder Notice?

Get set for Hell or High Water: The Series

Review: Peacemaker

RIP Bob Saget

PODCAST: Ghostbusters: Afterlife | Peacemaker | The Tender Bar | Macgruber

Wes Anderson set to adapt Roald Dahls Henry Sugar for Netflix

Always Be Streaming - 8 January 2022

RIP Peter Bogdanovich

Get back for more Beatles: Get Back

TV SHOCK: RIP Luke Spencer

Long live Betty White