Sitemap - 2023 - Always Be Watching

What to stream this weekend: 29 Dec - 31 Dec

Amazon announces Prime Video advertising start date

What to stream this holiday weekend: 23 Dec - 26 Dec

Warner Bros Discovery to merge with Paramount? They have no other choice.

Looking ahead to 2024 - Bold predictions and thoughts on TV media

Does kissing make a Christmas movie? There was a remake of It's a Wonderful Life?

MCU villain Jonathan Majors found guilty. Marvel in a pickle.

Mayiam Balik booted from Jeopardy!

Your weekend streaming options - 15-16 Dec 2023

Curb Your Enthusiasm calls it a day

RIP Andre Braugher. The best.

Netflix release troves of empty data. Trade media hails transparency.

Unemployment hits CoComelon Lane

The definitive list of the 10 best TV shows of 2023

Your weekend streaming options - 9-10 Dec 2023

Netflix finally doing what it should have been doing for the past 10 years

The late, great Norman Lear

It's beginning to feel a lot like (UK) Christmas

Suits is huge on Netflix. But Netflix said no to Suits spin-off.

Interact live with Bluey and Squid Game

Always Be Streaming... spy dramas from Slough House

The Friday TV News bonanza

Spotify unwraps in 2023

Review: Leave The World Behind

Colbert's appendix burst. He's ok, but the show is on a break now.

With a crank of a sonic screwdriver, the Doctor Who production engine revs once more

Always Be Streaming... eh!

That guy? The SHOCK new Law & Order star revealed

Hello Brollie

Dave Letterman returns home

RIP Blue Bloods - CBS farewells the long-running family cop drama

The fight over Australian smart TV's gets angry

Always Be Streaming... big Japanese lizards

Of course Apple TV+ staff need to follow extreme security measures

Struth! The Yanks sure like that NCIS: Sydney

Ayo Edebiri and The Bear causes (even more) Emmy confusion

A plea to give Doctor Who archivists/thieves amnesty

Robert Butler was one of the most important people in US TV... that you likely haven't heard of. RIP.

[Always Be Streaming] ABW: Sydney

Happy Xmas (Strike is Over). What now?

Super-sized White Lotus. Plus: WBD & Disney earnings

What are folks actually watching on FAST TV?

The modern biopic as propaganda

Marvel needs to learn a lesson from Jack Bauer

Always Be Streaming... this November. It's busy.

RIP Letterkenny

Disney buys out all of Hulu. PLUS: A report into Marvel's woes.

CliffsNotes on The fall of Tucker Carlson

Sesame Street is set for a wrong-headed reboot

RIP Matthew Perry

Always Be Streaming... hot and heavy relationship dramas. And Astro Boy remakes.

A new Beatles song and documentary from The Beatles

Disney announces Doctor Who airdates

Paramount+ (international) introduces premium tier - what is the value add? SPOILER: It's not enough.

Five years of Bluey marked with an Aussie viewer poll

7Plus - like... it's fine... but...

Always Be Streaming... cartoons and Dad TV

Jon Stewart's Apple show cancelled. The Daily Show is looking for a host... maybe... ?

A Netflix price hike in place effective immediately

NETFLIX THEN: "We won't do sports". NETFLIX TODAY: "We're doing sports!"

I didn’t know Margaret Winkler. Now I only want to know more about Margaret Winkler.

Suits: Los Angeles?

Always Be Streaming... pompous psychiatrists

SAG-AFTRA writers talks break down. Strike to continue for quite some time

Marvel failure a reminder to let TV be TV

Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David staging a Seinfeld reunion?

Review: Frasier

The best erotic thrillers; PLUS: TV cancellations, and Mean Girls reunion

Always Be Streaming... the next Squid Game?

It's time to stop 4K as an upsell

The worst Best Of list of 2023

That time Patrick Stewart stormed off the set of Star Trek

The global Max rollout plan

Letterboxd purchased - it’s time to kill the TV listings

Always Be Streaming... short Roald Dahl films

HBO chief defends nude dating show

Happy Xmas (Strike is over)

New Emma Stone / Nathan Fielder comedy set to be THE must-watch show of 2023?

The writers strike isn't over just yet. But it mostly is.

NCIS turns 20, Ads on Amazon, first look at new Squid Game and a first look at a revamped Doctor Who

Always Be Streaming... violent hotel action shows and lovely romcoms

Murdoch steps down, NYPD Blue turns 30, Peep Show at 20

The must-read TV book of the year

Apple TV+... where are you?

Soft Bill Maher retreats. 'Big man' delays return of show.

A wild weekend for Drew Barrymore

Always Be Streaming... "...braaaaaaaains...!"

First trailer for the new Frasier show

“Honey, what did she type?” The quest to read text messages on TV shows

Is this the future of football?

Disney strikes a deal. US cable TV saved.

He's a living treasure! The backlash to that dumb anti-Martin Short feature

Always Be Streaming... Japanese monster superhero shows

Jimmy Fallon accused of toxic and erratic behaviour behind the scenes of The Tonight Show

Disney to buy full-stake in Hulu earlier than expected. AND: The NCIS: Sydney trailer unveiled

NCIS: Sydney gets an Aussie release date... and a spot on the US broadcast schedule

The moral implications of sex with AI character chatbots

Oh gosh. Now we will never know who the father is!

A suitcase with a TV built-in! Finally!!!

CNN has a new boss. What to focus on first?

The US late night show hosts are back mid-strike... for a podcast

AMC ready to cut and run from it's own streaming service?

Disney+ dumps two big-budget adventure shows for tax write-offs

There's more to watch this weekend than just Star Wars. [Always Be Streaming - Aug 25]

US streamer Max finally adds CNN

An end to the (writers) strike looms?

Frasier Crane is back in the building!

What makes a "perfect" episode of TV?

What does it actually cost to subscribe to streaming in 2023/24?

This week is all about money and Jesus. Choose money.

The "great" Netflix DVD giveaway

When will Hollywood strikes end? Follow the money.

Less than half of TV viewing in July was on broadcast TV

$1 billion worth of Turtle Power. This year. So far.

‘Lil Sebastian joins the picket line

More murders in the building, a gay romcom people will actually watch, and Gal Gadot thrills

Save The Date for the 2022/23 Emmys in 2024

Is Apple buying Disney such a ridiculous idea?

Netflix has a new app, NASA announces a streaming service, and what is the best TV show of this week?

It's time to just shut up. (Other people. Not me.)

2023's most popular shows. ALSO: RIP 18-34 TV networks.

Remember when sexy thrillers were 100 minute movies? [Always Be Streaming - 4 August]

Ruined Warner Bros Discovery app Max lost subscribers

Pluto TV to launch in Australia with 50 channels

Neighbours sets its return - Sept 18

RIP Paul Reubens. AKA Pee-Wee Herman.

The upheaval of Hollywood begins!

Uh, isn't Nicole Kidman in this? [Always Be Streaming 28 July 2023]

Netflix slashes ad rates. Well, not slashes. But they are a bit cheaper.

Physical media no more: Disney stops selling in Australia

Study finds kids who watch too much TV are more likely to be chunky

ALF is back. Not a POG to be seen.

Bizarre PR campaign for Futurama revival - John DiMaggio didn't get the cash

Always Be Streaming... on a weird and wild week of TV

Cowabunga dudes! The OG Turtles are coming back to TV!

Strike winner Netflix announces more good news

Hollywood's true power base is getting restless

CBS to plug strike hole with biggest show on TV: Yellowstone

Do you know what your digital twin is doing?

Always Be Streaming... a brand new bird box.

The actors are now on strike. Hollywood is shut for business.

Emmy noms announced just as the town gets ready to all go on strike

The post-writers strike wasteland

Rainny Days - why wasn't The Office's Dwight a bigger star?

Feel sorry for BBC stars who ARE NOT accused of paying teens for photos

Always Be Streaming... surprising Aussie comedies

Where have the millennial sitcoms gone? Uh, nowhere...

Questions about Amazon spend, a shrug at GQ's Zaslav article, and RIP Sex Education

My Top 5 launches - the hottest TV listings guide on the Internet

Exclusive: Pluto TV nears Australian launch (this week?)

Problematic, wealthy, accused murderer director has a problem with streaming

Always Be Streaming... It's a choose your own adventure week

Subtitles are not pure. Neither is dubbing.

The film & TV business is nothing. A relative blip.

Even more shows purged by Paramount+. Includes Inside Amy Schumer.

The gift registry says to buy the world a Coke.

The best shows of (the first half of) 2023

Always Be Streaming - freakishly tall burger loving heroes

What would it cost to buy Paramount Global?

What is up with those Secret Invasion opening titles?

Who wants to buy a streamer? (And studio. And news network.)

The strike claims the scalp of Sam Esmail's Metropolis

Has Disney+ streaming murdered Pixar?

Always Be Streaming... a tired 90s retread of male strippers

The Superman & Lois casting bloodbath

Harrison Ford punching Nazis, Flash thoughts, the WGA strike's major wins, and job cuts at Australia's ABC.

Disney pushes back its entire movie schedule. Thanks writers strike!

NCIS: Sydney sets its cast

Natasha Lyonne will not be bitten by a radioactive spider

Always Be Streaming... True Crime Podcasts

The Bewitched reboot nobody saw coming

With Licht out at CNN, it time to re-think cable news

Zack Snyder seeks more hours on Netflix

Apple's Vision Pro XR headset is computing for your face

The day before Apple change the world of entertainment. (Or don't)

Always Be Streaming... TV finales and a new Aussie crime comedy

Fetch's future is FAST. But how can it compete with international giants?

Prime Video announces The Office (Australia)

Allegations of a toxic work environment at Lost

Ten 'Peak TV' shows you likely haven't seen. But should consider

The end of beloved TV shows dominates our viewing this week

Always Be Streaming... Schwarzenegger and Monkey Kings

Some podcasts and a whole lot of TV news

Did you know you can now buy the actual Brady Bunch house?

Netflix's password sharing crackdown: What price an additional user?

It is time to mourn HBO Max

Disney+ pulls titles from library. Expect to feel conflicted.

Always Be Streaming... a bit of a quiet week

Futurama, Snorks, and the death of a Star Wars hotel

Netflix announces more gourmet cheeseburgers

The Conners will return amid a sea of reality shows

Oh god, why? Weeds and Nurse Jackie sequel series in the works.

What the cancellations of Alaska Daily, The Company You Keep, and Big Sky tells us about viewers in 2023

Always Be Streaming... Dr Teeth and the band

Barry Levinson doesn't know why TV's greatest drama isn't streaming

Disney to combine Hulu & Disney+into one app. Sort of.

Tucker Carlson is heading to Twitter. Democracy and civil discourse soon to be f#*ked!

Amazon's business is to sell stuff. Including its shows and movies

Yellowstone - cancelled. But Yellowstone will live on!

Always Be Streaming... some of the biggest shows of the year

Paramount+ stock value plummets following quarterly update

Kevin Costner done at Yellowstone! (Probably)

Hollywood strikes. A win for writers is the only way to stop nepo babies.

So. Many. Greenlights.

The future of all media is... Tucker Carlson?

Always Be Streaming... anything but Citadel

RIP Jerry Springer - the ringmaster who destroyed Polite America

Maisel creators return to ballet for new series

How do you sign-up to stream?

Where to now for fired Fox News host Tucker Carlson?

RIP Barry Humphries - a funny man of his time

Always Be Streaming... nuns battling destructive AI computer systems

Jonathan Majors faces new allegations, Alec Baldwin walks free, and more Lord of The Flies on the horizon

First it was a Harry Potter TV show. Now: Twilight is coming to TV.

Fox News settles, Netflix exits, and Prime Video cranks

Hollywood writers are set to strike. Here's what to be nervous about...

Great news: More Baywatch, Robocop, and Legally Blonde on its way.

Always Be Streaming... Jewish stand-up comedians

The Spotify plan to turn shows into podcasts into video shows

Piss-weak HBO Max rebrand announcement fails to impress

What to expect when you're expecting (an HBO Max rebrand)

Super Mario Bros made so much money. Expect sequels and (TV?) spin-offs.

Always Be Streaming... this busy Easter weekend

Hollywood vs AI: The biggest battleground of 2023

How to talk about Apple?

When did YOU stop watching the Rings of Power?

The confirmation (of sorts) of (a rebranded) HBO Max in Australia (probably)

What is going on with Yellowstone?

Always Be Streaming... mystery potential arcade machines

Netflix announce a Scott Pilgrim TV show with the original cast returning!

The Air up there

Cancelled: Curb Your Enthusiasm…?

TV manufacturers say NO to Aussie TV network plan

Horse actor dies on the set of Amazon’s Lord of The Rings show

Always Be Streaming... sad sack college professors

Apple sees a future in big screen pictures, kid

Aussie Jeopardy! To be filmed in the UK

Always Be Watching has bats on the brain

Sky News Australia gets FAST

“It hasn’t been cancelled” says EP of cancelled TV show

Always Be Streaming… murderous Beyonce stans

Is trust in Fox News diminishing?

Netflix kills that $150 million Nancy Meyers movie

OG True Detectives back as TV’s most compelling duo

It is the ‘Adult Swimification’ of the Oscars

Some pre-Oscars info you may or may not need

Always Be Streaming...court room dramas

Rethinking the Disney streams

A new Spotify puts video at the forefront of user experience.

Chris Rock a smash for Netflix. But only in the US.

The end of Peak TV. Here is what comes next.

Netflix went live with slap victim Chris Rock

Always Be Streaming… television Rumors

Has Andor ruined Star Wars by being actually good?

Robert De Niro is coming to Netflix

Foxtel confirm HBO Deal - suggests exit clause

It’s time to play Jeopardy!

HBO deal set to continue on with Foxtel! (?)

Always Be Streaming... an increasingly sad party!

Netflix is dropping its prices. Just (probably) not for you.

Don’t expect more Six Feet Under, Watchmen, or True Blood from HBO

CBS renews 8 shows - but big hits remain TBA

The BBC wants dirty presenters

RIP Richard Belzer - A unique TV talent

Always Be Streaming… the final frontier!

Are we having fun yet with Party Down revival? Critics say ‘no’

This weekend say Hello Tomorrow to a small ambition Ant Man

The post Super Bowl, post Valentine’s Day blues

Real-life Succession drama

More Dick with Warren Beatty

Always Be Streaming… romcoms…!

Could Hulu really be sold by Disney?

Netflix start telling more users to cough up the $$$ in password crackdown

Yellowstone, Fawlty Towers, and Bosch - Spin-offs, Sequels, and Streamer Solutions

The dawn of the Billions extended universe

Hollywood prepares for a strike - with show renewals

Always Be Streaming... Cunk!

RIP yet another DC Comics TV show

The Good Wife Extended Universe (GWEU) lives on

The cover lifted on DC Universe TV & film future

The conversation doesn’t matter. Yes, this is a bit about Avatar.

Australia to impose local content quota on streamers

Always Be Streaming... a new hang-out comedy

Review: Shrinking (Apple TV+)

RIP Titans! RIP Doom Patrol! It’s a DC TV bloodbath!

Hollywood cuts ties with Justin Roiland - but is it really?

The Oscars nominations expected to save the Oscars

Can you believe we have had 40 years of The A-Team in our lives?

Was YOUR favourite show cancelled this weekend?

Always Be Streaming... yet more zombie TV

RIP Outlander! RIP Gossip Girl!

Netflix unveils its 2023 movie calendar

Craig Ferguson looks to return to late night

Hot tip: This is what cool TV critics will be raving about

RIP another video store

Somehow the best thing this week is Velma?

Friday morning TV bites

Golden Globes tanks with viewers - lowest ceremony ratings in 28 years

The Dungeons & Dragons extended universe is upon us

The flavour of Netflix is apparently gourmet hamburgers… or some-such

AMC cancellation bloodbath

Nicholas Winding Refn is back with a Netflix show

The future of Apple TV may be the future of how we watch

The Bear! The Last of Us! Here’s what to know about their future(s).

Outrageous reason House of The Dragon showrunner left the series

The top TV piracy of 2022